Patron’s Hacienda is The Best Tequila Bar in Chicago

I want to introduce you to Patron’s Hacienda, a unique, affordable Mexican restaurant and sport’s cantina newly opened this October in Chicago’s River north neighborhood. Our menu offers traditional Mexican cuisine as well as fine steaks. Our tequilas and other drinks are the best in the area.

In our restaurant and bar we offer fifty-six varieties of tequila for you to choose from. Tequila is a traditional Mexican liquor with a vibrant history from ancient times. We serve all types of tequila including Blanco, which is white, Reposado, which has been rested for at least two months but less than a year, and Anejo, which has been aged between one and three years in wooden barrels.

Sip a Tequila Flight at Patron’s Hacienda Tonight!

Patron’s Hacienda’s specialty is tequila flights. A flight allows you to sample four varieties, giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite, each flight consists of 4 half ounce portions providing an affordable sampling of best tequila available in Chicago. Our flights include delicious sangrita served in a cucumber with a slice of lime on the side. Those who prefer margaritas will delight in our choices that are made with fresh squeezed lime and other fruit juices.

We continue to perpetuate the rich history of Mexican tequila made from agave. Each of our fifty-six varieties have different flavors, from bold and full-bodied to honey-like and sweet. Come try our amazing tequila and margaritas as well as our Mexican cuisine and fine steaks.