Blanco Tequila Chicago

Patron’s Hacienda has the Largest Selection of Blanco Tequila in Chicago

Are you looking for the most flavorful and boldest Blanco Tequila in Chicago? Look no further than the recently opened Patron’s Hacienda. Not only will you find the delicious Blanco, but also you will find seventy-four other delicious varieties of tequila on our extensive wine and beer menu. In addition, we feature margaritas made with real, seasonally fresh fruit juice.

To be classified as Blanco (White) or Plata (Silver) tequila is un-aged or aged less than 2 months in natural wood or stainless casks.  Our Cantina is stocked with 12 different varieties of Blanco Tequila:

  • Casa Noble Crystal
  • Chinaco Blanco
  • Jose Cuervo Platino
  • Don Julio Blanco
  • El Jimador Silver
  • Espolon Blanco
  • Frida Kahlo Blanco
  • Gran Centenario Silver
  • Herradura Silver
  • Hornitos Plata
  • Ocho Plata
  • Patron Silver

Blanco Tequila is perfect for our fresh fruit margaritas we offer wildberry, passion fruit, mango, peach, pomegranite, raspberry, tamarind, and strawberry, even our signature margarita the Patrons Margarita is made with El Jimador Silver. We serve our tequila by the ounce, in tequila flights – 4 half ounce servings allowing you to taste and compare 4 different varieties, by the bottle, or in any of our margaritas.

Join us at Patron’s Hacienda for a Blanco Tequila Flight Tonight!

Whether you are looking for the hottest new margarita bar or a fine grilled steak, Patron’s Hacienda is the place to be. Our experienced chefs will impress you with their mouthwatering entrees and delicious appetizers.

The doors open at five in the evening every night of the week. Food is served until two in the morning each night except for Saturday when we stay open until three in the morning. Come and enjoy the fresh and authentic tastes of Mexico right here in Chicago.