Margarita Bar Chicago

Patron’s Hacienda and Margarita Bar in Chicago

At Patron’s Hacienda we have 56 varieties of Tequila from the best distilleries in Mexico on our menu and we sell them in either a 1 ounce portion served neat, or a tequila flight which is 4 half ounce portions served neat for sipping and savoring, and we sell them by the bottle to share with friends and family, and we use them to concoct some of the best margaritas you have ever tasted. We serve the following types of Tequila:

  • Blanco (“White”) or Plata (“Silver”) which is bottled immediately after distillation
  • Joven (“Young”) or Oro (“Gold”) a blend of Blanco and Resposado Tequila
  • Reposado (“Rested”) aged a minimum of 2 months but less than a year in oak barrels
  • Anejo (“Aged”) aged more than a year but less than 3 years in small oak barrels
  • Extra Anejo (“Extra Aged”) aged 3 years or more in small oak barrels

Our Signature Margaritas Include the:

  • Patron’s Margarita made with El Jimador Silver Tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice, served on the rocks or frozen with or without salt
  • Fresh fruit margaritas are also made with El Jimador Silver Tequila and come in with these fruit pairings: wildberry, passion fruit, mango, peach, pomegranite, raspberry, tamarind, and strawberry
  • Cadillac Margarita is made with Tres Generaciones Reposado Tequila, fresh lime juice, and then topped with 1 oz. of Grand Marnier.
  • Billionaire Margarita is made with 2 oz. of Casa Noble Anejo, fresh lime juice, and topped with 1 oz. of 150 year old Grand Marnier.
  • I personally prefer 2 oz. of Patron Platinum and 1 oz. of Cointreau shaken with freshly squeezed lime juice and served straight up in a martini glass with salt on the rim. (This is my own preference and it is not on the menu, but our expert bartenders will be happy to make one for you.)

After a margarita or two check out our authentic Mexican cuisine or fine steaks grilled to perfection.  As you dine, watch a sporting event on one of the eighteen 55-inch plasma TV’s mounted in the bar and the dining room. Bring your family and friends to Patron’s Hacienda this holiday for a night of entertainment and fun on Mondays we have salsa dancing and salsa dancing classes for beginners. We are open late, from 5 pm to 2 am Sunday through Friday, and until 3 am on Saturday to accommodate your late night cravings.